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Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is distinct state of India that enjoys a beautiful culture, which is blend of rich traditions and artistic influences. The glorious state has witnessed a rich history and enjoys an outstanding lifestyle that makes its culture unique and special in every way. This is the reason; it is distinct from others. The exclusive culture of Rajasthan is the result of the blend of different things but topography of this desert has played an important role in development of Rajasthani culture. From its arts & crafts to music & dance and from its dressing sense to architectural sumptuousness, everything of this state has a special feel that gives experience of being in a royal atmosphere.

Famous as the land of Rajputs, Rajasthan attracts a number of tourists with its forts, palaces and mansions. However sightseeing is not the only ingredient of Rajasthan tourism. During your visit to Rajasthan, also explore the music, dances, fairs, festivals, lifestyle and many undiscovered facts of this land. These all things have influence of Rajasthani culture that also can be seen in its colorful costumes and several religious and traditional beliefs. This all together lighten the monotony and harshness of the living conditions of Rajasthan. Highly cultivated through classical music & dance, rich textiles & handicrafts, affluently embroidered costumes and intricately built architectures, culture of Rajasthan has a rare charm.