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Traditions And Customs

On your visit to Rajasthan, you can witness the warmth of its rich traditions and age old customs. Primarily based on Vedic rituals, traditions and customs of Rajasthan hold a strong connection with its geographical boundaries. Customs and traditions followed in Rajasthan articulate that every man and woman should perform some definite ceremonies called Sanskaars, from their birth to death. Three most important events of human's life birth, marriage and death are utterly woven in the customs and traditions of Rajasthan.

Major Customs & Traditions of the State:
Birth Ceremony: In Rajasthani traditions & customs, birth ceremony is enjoyed with great fervor and enthusiasm. However, it happens mostly with male child and the birth of a female child becomes an issue of condolences. After the birth, some rituals are performed to save the infants from evils.
Marriage:According to Rajasthani tradition, marriage ceremony is an important custom that is arranged with the permission and indulgence of parents. It is supposed to be a great event of life.
Death: After death of a family member, they are burnt in peace. Some traditions and rituals are performed till 13th day of the death. On the 13th day, a death feast is offered to all the relatives and locality.
Ill Customs and Traditions: The state of a beautiful culture and rich ethnicity, Rajasthan also witnesses some abuses in its traditions and customs. It offers some ill customs and traditions including Purdah Pratha, Dowry System, Child Marriage, and few others. Apart from some evils, traditions and customs of Rajasthan is really worth experiencing. During visit to each of its cities, explore so much about it.