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Travel Tips of Rajasthan

Royal state of Rajasthan appeals the tourists with its magnificence and marvel. During visit to Rajasthan, some travel tips are provided to assist the tourists for a much better travel experience. These guidelines are really useful for you when planning a visit to this place. These are some common tips that one should follow during your Rajasthan trip.

  • Lock your room in hotel before going out for any reason.
  • Don't take lift from unknown persons.
  • Prefer not to carry more cash with you, try using plastic money more.
  • Keep your jewelry and other valuable items locked in your hotel room along with passport and return tickets.
  • Don't let any unknown person entering into your hotel room.
  • Negotiate fare in advance before traveling by any rickshaw or taxi. Prefer to take these from prepaid booths or kiosks.
  • Book guest house or hotel primarily and avoid following the taxi drivers' instructions in such cases.
  • Don't eat/drink anything offered by unknown persons.
  • Purchase things in reputed shops.
  • Exchange currency from authorized money exchangers and always take receipt for the same.
  • Avoid wearing too revealing dresses.
  • Return to the hotel before it is dark.